As a clinical trial professional (CTP) you need to be able to interact clearly and confidently, using various communication methods, with a wide range of audiences, including multinational research teams, colleagues, principal investigators (PIs) and sponsors.

Our communication skills courses are tailored to enhance the day-to-day communication skills you will need to carry out your role as a CTA, CRA or CPM and any other role within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Skills such as:

  • Presenting, so you can confidently and clearly share your plans with various stakeholders
  • Communication, so you can build those all-important relationships with your team
  • Writing guidelines to nail those clinical reports
  • Influencing techniques to encourage people to take action and see your way of thinking

Course durations

Each course is 3.5 hours during a morning or afternoon and can be booked individually, in pairs, or as a complete set of four sessions on two successive days.

class location

Citadines Hotel
94–99 High Holborn London WC 1V 6LF


communicate effectively

This essential workshop offers the tools and techniques to improve your communication skills and help clarify what others are saying. You’ll master listening and questioning techniques to become an accomplished communicator helping to achieve your common goals on site.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to communicate effectively and with clarity so you can meet objectives and targets, and ensure a productive team environment.

What you’ll learn on the course:

  • Principles of communication
  • Benefits of communicating effectively
  • Control language skills
  • Barriers to communication
  • Listening and questioning techniques
  • Practising your own clinical trial scenarios
£ 300.00
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Recording data and clinical reporting is vital to your role as a clinical professional. This brilliant workshop gives you the skills, methods and guidelines to ensure that your written communication is easy to read, understandable and to the point.

You’ll master emails, letters and meeting minutes, as well as detailed documents, such as proposals and clinical reports.

You’ll become fluent in the appropriate language to use, how to structure your writing and tips for avoiding those all-important spelling and grammar issues.

What you’ll learn on the course:

  • Defining your writing objectives
  • Know who you’re writing for
  • The 3 C's — principles of writing
  • Structuring your content
  • Proofread like a pro
£ 300.00
enrol face-to-face


Presenting to an audience can be scary. However, this workshop has been created to teach you how to present like a pro — whether to a live audience or an online forum!

You’ll be taught how to prepare and speak, as well as tackle any challenges that presenting to an audience will throw at you, so you can relax while presenting.

With your new understanding of verbal and non-verbal techniques, you’ll be able to confidently maintain your audience's attention.

What you’ll learn on the course:

  • Defining your presentation goals
  • Knowing your audience
  • Structuring your presentation
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Finalising and delivering your presentation
£ 300.00
enrol face-to-face


An important tool when running large research trials is the ability to manage and influence teams. This essential workshop is designed to help you confidently guide others towards supporting your ideas so they adopt a viewpoint or take a particular course of action.

You’ll understand who you are dealing with, adapt to their behaviour styles and become aware of influencing tactics. You are then more likely to achieve a favourable outcome.

What you’ll learn on the course:

  • What is influencing?
  • Your circle of influence
  • Understanding who you are influencing
  • What is your purpose of influencing?
  • Influencing tactics
  • Putting learning into practice
£ 300.00
enrol face-to-face

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