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Ditch the internet searching and start your career in clinical research — get trained to a gold standard by experienced professionals established in the field. Our courses simulate real-world scenarios, gives you insight into the documents you’ll use on the job, and guides your CV and interview preparation — so you’ll be equipped to handle any challenge with confidence.

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“I was only able to get the job I have now because of the CRA course with CGX. I’m working with a great company that I’m hoping to stay with for the foreseeable future. I can’t recommend CGX enough.”

R. Batta — CRA Beginners Course

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Get the practical experience you need to skillfully handle your role in the clinical trial world like a pro. Cut out all the trial and error and start your career with an industry-recognised advantage.


Dr. Lia Hunter

With a BSc in Chemistry, PhD in Organic Chemistry and a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Institute of Biotechnology at Cambridge University, Dr Lia Hunter's career has spanned 30 years in clinical research. Founder and Director of both CGX Training and Clinnovate Ltd, Dr Hunter has worked for and with world-renowned pharmaceutical organisations, including Pfizer, Biogen, Takeda and AbbVie.

Donna-Marie Donalds

Donna-Marie Donalds’ career has spanned more than 20 years. Starting as a CRA for the Thrombosis Research Institute in 2001, she has since worked with the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Covance and Sanofi-Aventis. She is currently the Managing Director of QC Monitoring Solutions while freelancing as a clinical research consultant. Donna-Marie is also Head of Training and the innovative course creator at CGX Training.

“The CTA course and tutors were excellent. I got a very good insight into clinical trials and the roles of a CTA. Thank you CGX, you helped me gain my first job in the industry.”

J.Barbot, Clinical Trial Assistant

Ace that interview with the guidance of trainers who have done the hiring

  • All courses are CPD accredited so you leave with a certification recognised within the industry.
  • Receive training by qualified clinical trial professionals currently practising, so you get the latest information.
  • Interactive, engaging training program with two-way conversations — you are a part of your learning!
  • Receive real-world-scenario-based training and the documents, templates and plans you’ll use on the job.
  • Leave with a manual of all you have learnt during the course to help you tackle any hurdles on your way.
  • Train anywhere, online and face-to-face. All sessions are live so you get to ask the experts any questions.



“We recruited CGX for a project delivered during STEM Week. The speaker's style was engaging and provoked questions about informed consent, ethics, and the clinical trial drug process. Students had many questions and this may open up a potential career for some of them.”

Sam Ellis Smith, Solo Tutorial Services

“I had doubts in myself, but I was reassured I have the transferable skills to transition into the clinical trials sector. It builds up your confidence when someone in the industry sees the potential in you and says you can do it! If I could work as a marketer, then I could do this too.”

Reema Singh, CTA Beginners Course

“This course was what I have been searching for for some time! It was really hands-on with lots of activities and scenarios. I had no idea of the number of options available in this industry until now. I will definitely be pursuing a career in clinical research.”

M. Clovis, Graduate Student Chemistry

Worried that investing in yourself will cost you an arm and a leg?

Investing in your career doesn't have to break the bank! CGX Training was founded to help drive up the standards in the clinical research industry. We want every trainee to reach their full potential. You'll leave here:

  • Ready to take on your newly landed role
  • Fired up and interview ready to get that dream job
  • Primed to take on your career change into clinical research

We want to help you invest in your clinical training!

Spread the cost with three budget-friendly payments or receive a 10% discount when you pay all in one go.
Receive 20% off any communication skills course when you purchase a CTA, CRA or CPM course.

We can help you define your career path and future

Be trained by our highly qualified clinical trial professionals practising within the industry. Your expert trainers have more than 40 years of experience managing clinical trials between them. They will guide you through the responsibilities of your role, ensure your CV is optimised and get you interview-ready.

Save days, weeks and months of trial and error and invest in your career today. Get equipped with the practical skills to effortlessly and confidently manage onsite challenges and progress in your career.

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