CLINNOVATE consultancy

Through our parent company, Clinnovate, we use our extensive global experience in strategic drug development planning, clinical protocol development and execution to help companies design and structure their clinical trial processes to maximise their 
potential for success.

We have a passion for helping life-changing therapies make their way successfully to market

Clinnovate works as CGX’s consultancy body, providing best practise and knowledge for your clinical research and drug development. It is vital to get buy-in from governing bodies as early as possible in the highly regulated drug development environment. This ensures speed to market and minimises the potential for delays.

Clinnovate has a team of dedicated professionals with more than 30 years’ regulatory, clinical, and management experience, including former US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) committee members and individuals with European Medicines Association (EMA) expertise. This background in regulatory strategy and consulting makes us a strong partner for any organisation with needs in this area.

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Regulatory rigour
Trial planning and design
Study development
Protocol development
Project management
Performance metrics
Specialist collaboration
A 360-degree solution