Graduate Profile — Reema Singh — CTA Beginners Course & Career Changer

June 8, 2022
by Edward Mariott

Before Reema participated in our Clinical Trials Administrator Beginners course, she hadn’t considered pursuing a career in clinical research. That was until Covid-19 changed our world, and she wanted to play a role in helping to change lives, support the NHS and help bring life-saving drugs, medicines and technologies to markets.

Our online course gave Reema the flexibility to train from home, look after her children and family whilst she continued to run her own businesses. As one of our career changers, Reema demonstrates that it’s never too late to enter the clinical trials industry and there are plenty of transferable skills that can help you prepare.

Tell us a bit about why you became interested in pursuing a career in clinical trials

I’ve worked as a digital marketing manager for an e-commerce store, I have two online brands of my own and I’m involved in the manufacturing of their products. I took some time off when I completed a master’s degree in Business Administration and had two children. When I realised I had the transferable skills to potentially enter the clinical trials sector, I made a pros and cons list, did some Googling and thought to myself, why not at least try?

During the height of Covid, I saw how much the NHS was struggling and people were suffering around the world. I had studied sciences up until A-level, so I knew I would have to do some additional training. It takes a lot of courage to go back to square-one and start again, but I wasn’t really enjoying the commercial side of targeting people in my job, I wanted to help people and make a contribution to the world.

Healthcare professionals cannot do their work without the drugs and technologies they need, so I wanted to help make that possible.

Did you know much about clinical trials before you trained with CGX?

I come from a family of people who work in the healthcare profession, nevertheless, I still didn’t know anything about clinical research or clinical trials growing up! During the lockdown in 2020, everyone was trying to find a vaccine for Covid, and I was very curious about the processes involved in getting a vaccine like Astra-Zeneca from production to markets. This curiosity led me to discovering the role of Clinical Monitors, and I wanted to find out more about how I could become one myself.

When I got the opportunity to speak with CGX’s director Lia, she told me all about the exciting advancements that are happening in clinical trials in wake of Covid, including the development of more patient-centric treatments, AI and of course the clinical research that is needed for diseases that have been neglected over the last two years.

So, how did you discover CGX Training and get in contact with them?

I was trying to do as much research as I could and found CGX through Google. Out of all the providers I was looking at, CGX was the only company that gave me some real human interaction. This was a big decision for myself, and I needed to go with a training provider I would be comfortable with. I made the decision I would only commit to training when I was fully prepared.

I had a consultation with Morton and explained I was interested in becoming a Clinical Monitor for a CRO. Because I didn’t have any experience with life sciences, he explained the baby steps I’d need to take to get there and suggested I start with the CTA Beginners course. He had a lot of time for me and was willing to answer my questions. It didn’t feel like they were just trying to sell me a course; they recognised what would serve me best in my career and future.

What did you think about the course format and learning?

I had constraints because of my children, and it would have been very difficult commuting from Manchester to London. Fortunately, I was able to do the training online which gave me a lot more flexibility.

I received all the materials a week before the course, and to be honest, it was quite overwhelming at first. Donna Marie was my tutor, and she was absolutely brilliant. When the course started, she was very systematic with all the materials, so it became less daunting. It was very interesting, and I had no idea just how much was involved in the role and the industry, the volunteers and legislation etc. It was very new and informative, and I just wanted to find out more and more about it.

How has CGX helped you make the career change from marketing manager to prospective Clinical Trials Professional?

When the course started, Donna Marie took the time to ask about what we were each doing and our experiences. I had doubts in myself, but she reassured me I do have the transferable skills to transition into the clinical trials sector. It builds up your confidence when someone in the industry sees the potential in you and says you can do it! If I could work as a marketer with experience in manufacturing products, then I could do this too.

I’m still in the process of looking for my first role and receiving support from CGX in my search, but I’m confident that I just need that first opportunity to open doors for me. You’re always learning, and it never goes to waste; it’s going to help you tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then one day.

Reema Singh is one of the many students we’ve helped to prepare for the clinical trials industry, with the knowledge to make empowered career choices in their future. We have a range of face-to-face and online courses available and offer free consultations to ensure you can get the most out of our training.

If you want to find out more about courses, our tutors, career preparation and how we could help, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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