Graduate Profile — R.Batta — CRA Beginners Course

September 28, 2021
By Edward Marriott

R.Batta graduated with an MSc in Computer Science and went on to secure jobs in data management as a Clinical Trial Practitioner (CTP) and as a project manager. Despite R.Batta’s successes and achievements, she had always wanted to pursue a career in a Clinical Research Assistant (CRA) role, but didn’t know how to secure the skills for the role and gain entry into the field.

With the help of CGX and the CRA Beginners course, R.Batta has just started working for a fantastic company in a CRA role.

What made you think about clinical research as a career choice?

I’ve always been fascinated by how drugs come to the market, enjoyed working as part of a team, with Principal Investigators (PIs) and everyone involved in trials, I love travelling, I had experience in pharmacy and data management so I knew I wanted to be a CRA…but I didn’t have a degree in medicine.

I didn’t know if I had the right experience to take on the role. I was in a job and position I really wasn’t enjoying but I was scared to make a career change. But when I found CGX I decided to take the leap.

How did you hear about CGX?

I found them through a Google search. Initially someone on LinkedIn tried to advertise me a course but didn’t check if I had the right experience or credentials to take it on, people shouldn’t just offer you these courses without proper screening; this shook my confidence a little. But CGX gave me really honest information, they didn’t try to mislead me. Donnamarie was so helpful, she asked what experience I had and assessed if I would be right for the course.

It didn’t feel like they were just trying to sell me a course, it felt like they wanted to give the best benefits they could to their students. I knew that for me this would be a big financial commitment, it was during the peak of Covid and I was paying my mortgage.

But Donnamarie was so reassuring and the course offered so much practical experience with interviewing preparation that I decided to commit. I’m so glad I did – because of CGX, my dream came true.

What did you think of the course format?

The course was online, 18 hours in total, six hours a week over three weeks. Everything was very detailed orientated, practical and every single lesson was so so interesting. Because it was online, I didn’t have to travel to London. It didn’t just feel like a lesson. There was continuous discussion and the instructor contributed to my views and my opinions and the exercises I would do. The instruction was very clear, so I knew that when I went to an interview what kind of documents and information I needed to know or have.

How will the content from the course be of value to you in your career going forward?

Even the little things I learnt were so important because it’s the things people can neglect: making sure your phone is charged, you have the correct address and details, you have everyone’s phone number who you might need to contact, you check patients’ data, you don’t miss any medical conditions or blood tests. It’s the small things, but it’s the kind of practical knowledge that can get overlooked.

Integrity is very important for a CRA, you have to follow strict regulations, remain calm and professional under pressure, make sure you’re organised and prepared for your work and have the confidence to say when you don’t know something or you don’t have a piece of information. I was only able to get the job I have now because of the CRA course with CGX. I’m working with a great company who I’m hoping to stay with for the foreseeable future. I can’t recommend CGX enough.

R.Batta is one of the many students we’ve helped to secure fantastic career opportunities and instill with the confidence to go into the field of clinical research.

If you want to find out more about courses, our tutors, careers preparation and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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